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How We Work..

Parties in our exclusive ‘Enchanted Wood’ venue are 2 hours in length and are hosted by beautifully dressed, quality entertainers.

Catherine has been performing for 17 years as a children’s performer and now manages her private venue to perfection. She will oversee all events so you are in extremely experienced hands.

The Finding Fairyland party at our premises is hosted within an intimately themed room. Your party starts on time (or very soon after once most of the children are there) with children going through the ‘secret door’ down a Wonderland styled hallway and into the magical setting.

Our party room isn’t huge so we really discourage having a large adult audience as it can become quite crammed and noisy- distracting the children’s activities and the flow of the party. We recommend a maximum of 4 adults quietly watching in the room at any time.

For groups of parents who you would like to host during the party- please see ‘Hosting Parents’ on the drop down menu of this website and read our list of what’s included in their refreshment package. If you don’t wish to host parents, please let them know on your invitation that it is a drop off/pick up party.

Finding Fairyland has a small and professional team of quality performers who make incredibly good look-a-likes and are able to host parties as any character we have on offer (our list is very extensive). All our costumes are A-Grade quality and have been hand made by talented designers from around the world.

For girl’s parties we have a range of characters and themes including Fairies, Princesses, Mermaids, Elsa, Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy from OZ and more…the best ages are those turning 3-10 years old. We welcome boys very warmly and make sure that if we have a mixed group of children, it is not gender specific.

Our boy’s parties are organized for boys turning 3-6 years old and are hosted by an array of fabulous boys characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Scooby Doo, The Pirate Captain, Elves, Superheroes and other popular mainstream characters.

Your child will feel like a princess or hero on their special day and will have the spotlight on them. There are plenty of surprises and moments, which will be cherished forever.

Our entertainment is suited to children who are seeking something enchanting, whimsical and from another world…we ignite senses with our theatrical storytelling and leave imaginations to run wild well and truly after the party is over.

You should not expect to see a loud and chaotic atmosphere within our party venue (like you would see at play centers). We ensure a lot of laughs, smiles, amazement, excitement, dancing and happiness.

It is extremely important to read our FAQ’s so you understand the finer details of having your child’s party at our venue.