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Party FAQs

After 13 years of performing in non-stop events for children and adults across Sydney, Catherine knows exactly what it takes for a party or event to run perfectly.

When you use the services at Finding Fairyland you will be confident that your child’s party or corporate event is in spectacular and experienced hands. Catherine has carefully selected performers and artists who are not only talented beyond compare but who are completely radiant and passionate in their work. Our job is to simplify things for you and to make your event a breeze with magical and happy memories. The best form of advertising is ‘word of mouth’ and it’s this reason why Catherine has maintained a solid and loyal client list for so long.

Q: When should I ask the guests to arrive?

  • Please have the children arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your entertainer. We usually recommend 30 minutes so that everyone is there and ready for a great big introduction.

Q: Do boys feel left out of a fairy party?

  • Not at all! We ensure that our entertainment, prizes and music is fun for both girls and boys. In most parties you will see the boys right up the front totally entranced by the fairy host and her magical stories.

Q: Do you have a limit on the number of children we invite?

  • We recommend that 10-15 children are a perfect number for 1 host. You are free to have up to 20-25 children at a maximum with 1 host. We will suggest for you to consider an extra host for larger groups from 25-40 children.

Q: When do we have the cake?

  • Our hosts are generally face painting and/or balloon twisting in approximately the final 30 minutes of a party- we suggest you notify the host during that time when you are ready to have the cake come out and they will then organise the children around the table for singing and photos.

Q: We are having the party inside- how much space do you need?

  • We really don’t need a huge amount of space. Of course more space is great but it’s not required. We need the children to be able to sit comfortably on a clean flat surface on the floor. We prefer the area to be as clear as possible- no distractions such as toys, jumping castles or balloons in the entertaining area please.

Q: We are having our party outside, are there any problem with that?

  • Outdoor parties work just as well as indoor parties. We do request that if you are having the party outside, ensure that the weather is fine. Too much wind, bright sun, extreme heat or cold can make things uncomfortable for the children and host. Make sure the area is clean as children will be sitting on the ground and the host may be wearing an expensive, elaborate costume, which cannot be dragged around on a dirty surface. Please also keep in mind that if you are having your party at a park, there may be other children at the park which may attempt to ‘crash’ your party- please choose an area at the park for the entertainment which is as contained as possible.

Q: What do we need to prepare for the entertainer on the day and what will they supply?

  • Your host will come equipped with a portable sound dock for their music, a toadstool mushroom stool for girls parties and all the party games and prizes. We only ask for you to please have set up a table (no smaller than a kids sized table) and a chair for the host. Please have a power point near the table if possible for the host to use if need be.

Q: How do we make payment and when does this need to be done by?

  • All bookings we receive will have an invoice generated and emailed. You must have your payment made in full prior to your event and also send us an email after you make this payment so that we can find it quickly in our account and without complication. Failure to make full payment prior to your event may result in cancellation.

Q: My child or event has specific requests, can this be catered for?

  • Absolutely! Please put any requests on your Bookings page and we will keep these as a priority when planning your event.

Q: I am concerned about face paints not coming off easily or irritating the children’s skin?

  • We use top quality theatrical grade face paints. Our paints come off super fast with just a baby wipe and show no irritation at all after years of experience using them.

Q: Do I hear from our entertainer before the party?

  • Yes, you will receive a phone call from your host the day before your event to confirm.

Q: What happens if I need to change the date of my party or cancel it once I have paid my deposit?

  • Please email us as soon as you know that your party date or time is changing and we will do our best to arrange this. There may be a change over fee depending on the notice we are given and the amount of bookings we have on your dates. We do not offer any refunds for cancellations.

Q: What sort of games and things do you do?

  • Our entertainment is theatrical from the moment we come through the door till the moment we leave. We have been known for this style of performance since we first started and this is what sets us apart from other companies. The hosts are not there to simply play one game after the other, rather they are there to captivate the children’s imagination with their storyline and provide a back to back show filled with traditional party games and our own unique party games. We include fantastic music, props, puppets and prizes within our entertainment. Face Painting and/or Balloon Twisting is also included in the final section of the party. There are no breaks for the host while they are there- you will see them ‘switched on’ every second and making sure they are keeping all the children’s attention with top entertainment and fun.

Q: Do you provide party prizes?

  • We are currently including quality keepsake prizes and novelties within our party packages. These are special gifts for the children to take home with them and remember their magical adventure.

Q: What sort of talent are your performers capable of?

  • We are lucky to have some amazing people in our team. Many of our performers have trained with NIDA and Actors Centre, along with early childhood teachers and advanced acrobats, dancers and singers. We require our performers to be an all-rounder with big beautiful hearts and a deep love of making children happy.


We have Public Liability Insurance, which covers us for up to $20,000,000