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Kids Menu

Children’s party lunch is served in our magical party room while the children have their face painted and before we have birthday cake. They will enjoy their lunch seated at a beautiful children’s table with luxury Tiffany chairs. 

For High Tea we serve this at the start of the party so that when the children initially walk into the party room they will find a stunning long table High Tea set up which they can enjoy straight away. After roughly 35 minutes the tables will then be packed away with any remaining food put to the side for the children to graze on. 

When having a party at our venue we do require that you order lunch for every child that attends.

Only the children who are catered for will each receive a quality toy prize from pass the parcel and magical keepsakes to take home along with their face painted.

When selecting individual food items from the Kid’s Party Food list, you must select a drink plus a minimum order of 3 other food items from that list.

Our Value Pack is the most popular choice.