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About Us 

Finding Fairyland began back in 2000 as a mobile entertainment company which was based throughout Australia’s major cities for 17 years. We were one of the busiest mobile children’s party businesses during that period. We no longer host mobile parties but we do still offer entertainment, face painting and magic shows for corporate and council events. 

Fairy and the Frog was a long awaited dream which opened its doors in Concord back in 2015. Our party venue is filled with colourful treasures, props, nostalgia and magic. Fairy and the Frog is a one of a kind magical private party venue created for children and the young at heart. Hosting your party at our venue will take every stress away from you, as we cover it all so that you only need to bring your birthday cake on the day. We also offer different dates each month to book for ‘High Tea in Fairyland’ at our venue- please see our High Tea page for more information on how to book. During school holidays, we host ‘Fairy School’ our popular holiday workshops for children. 

Catherine (The Fairy) and Guillaume (The Frog) manage their family business with passion. 

We have a close team of attentive and kind-hearted staff who work alongside us each weekend.

Catherine’s focus throughout the party is with the children and making sure that they all have a completely unique, magical and exciting experience, especially the birthday child.

The venue is decorated in a bright world of colour and fantasy- specifically designed to appeal to children of all ages. Our decoration is a mixture of Fairyland, Enchanted Forest, Wonderland, Oz, Disney, Harry Potter, Goblins, Unicorns, Dragons, Pirates, Mermaids and so much more. There’s always something new to see as we are constantly adding to our huge collection of sparkling lights, treasures and props. We have a professionally installed giant balloon arch across the backdrop in our cake room which adds to the party atmosphere and is one less thing you need to worry about organising. 

Our parties are available to book each weekend at either 11am, 2:30pm or 5:30pm. There is a discounted rate for 5:30pm bookings.

We run high energy Disco/Karaoke themed parties which are available to book any night of the week from 6pm.

Catherine’s education background is Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University and her experience is now 23 years hosting children’s parties every week with close to 6000 events she has personally performed in for both private bookings and major corporate/A-list celebrity. 

We have an extensive range of characters all wearing theatre grade costumes. Our characters are lookalike models who are perfectly suited to their role. 

We are extremely passionate about attention to detail and making sure that every party we host leaves the children full of wonder and having countless stories to tell from their time with us and keepsakes to treasure. 

Guillaume is originally from France. He has spent his life working in the hospitality industry and has an infectious personality which is very pleasing to all our guests. He will always go above and beyond to make sure all the adults are happy and feeling at home. He is the Chef at our venue and his food is absolutely delicious and so beautifully presented. 

It is very important that you walk away feeling like this was an experience that exceeded expectations for you and your family. We will go above and beyond to ensure this.








More about us… 

Since its inception in 2000, Finding Fairyland has etched its name as a premier destination for those seeking the magic touch of fairy party entertainers across Australia’s major cities.

Initially flourishing as a mobile entertainment company, we’ve evolved, honing our craft to become synonymous with unparalleled children’s party entertainers. Although we’ve transitioned from hosting private mobile parties, our commitment to enchantment hasn’t waned. Today, our expertise extends to corporate and council events, where our roster of Sydney party entertainers, including Disney princess party entertainers, continues to captivate and charm.

Sydney Party Entertainers for Children’s Parties

The opening of Fairy and the Frog in Concord in 2015 was a milestone. This venue, masterfully managed by Catherine (The Fairy) and Guillaume (The Frog), embodies the dreams of countless children and those young at heart. It’s not just a venue; it’s a realm where kids princess parties are enveloped in color, magic, and nostalgia. Here, every corner is a testament to our dedication as Sydney party entertainers, with a rich tapestry of themes ranging from Fairyland and Enchanted Forest to Disney and Harry Potter, ensuring that every party is a bespoke experience.

Catherine, armed with a background in Early Childhood Education from Macquarie University and 23 years of experience as a fairy party entertainer, ensures that the essence of magic permeates each event. Her expertise has not only made us a beacon for children’s party entertainers but also a trusted name among A-list celebrities for hosting kids princess parties.

Disney Princess Party Entertainers for Unforgettable Kids Princess Parties

Our characters, donned in theatre-grade costumes, are more than entertainers; they are emblems of a child’s fantasy brought to life, making us the first choice for anyone seeking Disney princess party entertainers. Our commitment to excellence is not confined to the ethereal world of children. Guillaume, with his French flair and hospitality prowess, ensures that the experience is equally delightful for adults. As the chef, his culinary creations are not just meals; they are a feast for the senses, further solidifying our position as the ultimate Sydney party entertainers.

At Finding Fairyland and Fairy and the Frog, a fairy party entertainer does more than perform; they create a world where every child feels special, ensuring that kids princess parties are unforgettable. Our venue, vibrant with tales of dragons, pirates, and mermaids, coupled with our professional balloon installations, offers a seamless celebration experience where the only thing missing is your birthday cake.

Our goal transcends beyond being renowned children’s party entertainers; we aim to make every visit an extraordinary experience. Whether it’s the magic wielded by our Disney princess party entertainers or the joy of our kids princess parties, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. For a party that leaves you with stories to tell and keepsakes to treasure, look no further than Finding Fairyland, where your fairy tale begins.