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Ann Thompson (30th of November- 2008)



Thanks so much for a lovely fairy party on Sunday.  I’ve never seen them so enraptured by someone for so long and I heard all about ‘Popo’ the owl and the other things you did on the walk to school this morning.  I had a lovely relaxing time not having to worry about entertaining the children and when I saw all the girls at mothers group today they were still talking about you.  Jenna duly slept with the remaining fairy dust (after losing most of it on the trampoline and us having to carefully scrape us as much as we could) and told me she went to fairyland.  Too cute!  Being 5 is so delightful!
I’ve given your card to my friend Annabel Teague and told her that you “specialise in mermaids”.  You may get a call from her sometime.


Thanks once again,
Ann Thompson (30th of November- 2008)