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Helen Taylor- (15th April, 2013)

Hi Catherine,

 I thought I would drop you note as I didn’t realise I had missed an opportunity to say hello to you in person at my niece, Harley’s birthday party yesterday. That was my little boy, Cohen (with the curly hair) who was glued to Harley’s side – they are BFF’s as well as cousins!

 The kids all loved your Cinderella but I realised that I never thanked you for a WONDERFUL Ariel at my daughter Macy’s 4th birthday party in Pyrmont last August. I know you weren’t able to do that party yourself but our “Ariel” was fabulous and the party was a great success. I don’t think Macy will ever forget having Ariel at her birthday party.

 Hopefully I will see you at another party soon.

 Kindest regards,

Helen Taylor (15th April, 2013)