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I have finally ‘found’ Fairyland… 29/11/15

My first ever blog! Seems slightly odd doing this but time to get into this online social world! I honestly do prefer being an old school fairy but with all the happenings lately with Finding Fairyland, I think the time has come for me to be sending out our news online. I still remember when I started parties and I would write letters to parents to confirm their events and cheque payments, rather than the standard email and direct deposit everyone does now…times have really changed in so many ways in this industry but the one thing that hasn’t changed, is my undying love for what I do and the determination of keeping this alive forever.

After flying around Sydney and Australia hosting children’s parties for the past 101 years, I have finally found my dream come true…Fairyland has come to life! We have been busily preparing and fitting out the venue in Concord, NSW over the past 8 months! This has been a HUGE task physically, financially and emotionally.

I’m so excited to bring you ‘Finding Fairyland The Party Venue’ with party bookings commencing from January, 2016.

Our brand new kids party venue will be found by entering an old locked secret magic door behind the nostalgic Fairy and the Frog room and stepping into an intimate ‘Enchanted Wood’ which houses a giant Magic Faraway Tree! These parties will be suitable for girls parties aged 3-10 years and for boys parties aged 3-5 years.

The world behind this door will be a place that I hope children will remember forever and be home to many generations of birthdays and other special occasions.

As I said in my original website when I was just an 18 year old fairy all those years ago…..

‘We invite you to close your eyes, make a wish and let us do the rest…’

Catherine aka ‘Fairy Princess Diamond’