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Kate Thomas (October 21st, 2012)

Hi Catherine and Katie, 
I just wanted to say thank you so much. 
Katie was fantastic/brilliant and wonderful… I had parents all afternoon come up to me and say that they had never seen their kids so enthralled, entertained and mesmerised by someone that much. Lucy’s Poppy wants to book Katie for his 71st birthday party for his mates to keep them on track! 
It took so much pressure of us as parents and the kids had such a fantastic time. To see that many smiles and enjoyment by the kids was truly a special birthday party, and Katie made it happen. We had 12 kids all who did not really have any connection except for our daughter, but yet, Katie had them all playing and having a great time together… 
Thanks again and I will pop you though some photos.. It was a great afternoon! Money well and truly well spent!
Kind Regards,
Kate Thomas (October 21st, 2012)