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Kelly Galvin (26th of May, 2012)

Awe, Catherine….. what a beautiful email…The thanks is certainly to you! And Mickey and Minnie!! You certainly made the day as magical as can be. I have had sooo many phone calls from people saying of how fantastic the day was. The kids are still talking about it. Every year, I put on a super birthday party for Tarah – and every year, everybody asks how in the hell am I going to top that next year! Well, I think that was certainly the top top!!! I don’t even know how I could do it!! Catherine, Tarah’s excitement was so priceless. She was absolutely besotted with Minnie Mouse!! The surprise was just fantastic. I only told her Mickey was coming so I wanted her to get a great surprise and I think it worked! All I wanted for the day was to bring Disneyland to home and give those kids an awesome day and I think we achieved it!! We are still smiling.

Also, every single night since the party, once we say goodnight to Tarah, she asks for us to leave her room so she can say those magic words you told them and she puts her beautiful purple (her favourite colour) magic dust you gave her under her pillow and hopes that the dream will come true by going to Disneyland! How gorgeous is that! And for you to know, when Tarah was born, I opened a bank account up call the Disneyland Fund and deposit money into it every month so by the time she is 8 we are there!! This is something that my late father and mother did for me and it is all I want to do for her!! Alastair’s parents live in France so we do travel to Europe every year with her so by then she will be well travelled and old enough to remember this forever!

I have also made a little photo album of Saturday just for her so she can always look back on it and she hasn’t left it out of her hands. I have done this for every event since she was two and a half – when we went to New York and Italy and you know, she still remembers things that aren’t in the photos!! So I’m sure her memory of her 5th birthday will stay with her forever!

Catherine, I can’t thank you enough!! You are amazing and you absolute inspire me! Thank you so much for everything. And even though I said the ‘last biggy’ on my speech – I think Alastair knows me better let’s say…. so I will be seeing you. Next year we are in Europe for her 6th though!

Glad you enjoyed the cake – I’m just sorry I didn’t have a loot bag for you each! I ordered them all from the states but a few families turned up with extra siblings that I wasn’t aware of!! And I can’t believe Mickey and Minnie did not stop for 3 ½ hours straight! Well done to those girls. My favourite was the cuddles from them and they certainly put me in ‘Disneyland’ mode!!! Chat soon Catherine and I’m still smiling xxxx

Kelly Galvin (26th of May, 2012)