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Maria (May 11th 2017)

Hi Catherine,

Wow! What an awesome few hours we spent at Finding Fairyland for Madison’s birthday party! She had the best time and everyone was extremely impressed with your venue and with your skills as a children’s entertainer.

We definitely for the sense that this is truly a passion for you and it really came across in the way you interacted with the children!

Merida was also fantastic, never skipped a beat and even putting on a Scottish accent.

A very special place you have there and i would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you so much for your care and attention to detail. One of my guests said it was ‘the best kids birthday party ever!’ So congratulations to you and your team.

I’d love to bring Madison in for one of your theme nights in the coming months so hopefully we’ll see you guys again soon.

All the best! xx

Much love from Madison, Maria and Enrico