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Nicole Chung

Dear Fairy Princess Diamond

I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for coming to Courtney’s birthday party on Saturday night. Once again, you were enchanting and entertaining. The time, care and attention you put into preparing and delivering such a wonderful experience for Courtney and the other children is incredibly valued by us as parents. It is wonderful to see our children in a state of complete and overwhelming joy.
Courtney woke up on Sunday morning in a daze and upon remembering and talking about you, she described her party as “a dream come true”. Each night since, she has held her fairy dust in her hands before bed and recited “Fairyland, Fairyland, Fairyland” 3 times and gone to sleep smiling – prepared to travel to fairyland in her dreams.
I have also spoken with a number of the parents who attended on Saturday and they too, are equally in awe and very much grateful for the experience you gave to their children.
Courtney made up this poem to send to her friends as thank you notes:


The fairies came to Courtney’s fairyland
Princess Fairy Diamond was beautiful and grand
She took us away to a magical place
She whirled and twirled us and painted our face
We sat and we played in the winter starlight
Thank you for joining us for a wonderful night
We all had fairy wings, fairy dust and lots more
Thank you so much for your presents galore.
We are looking forward to joining you in Fairyland at the next party soon.


Nicole Chung (Epping 04)