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Our very first party in The Enchanted Wood! 13/12/15

The 13th of December marked a very special day for Finding Fairyland. Queen Elsa hosted little Kacee’s 4th birthday in our Enchanted Wood.

The party was a complete success!! Parents were welcomed to stay for light refreshments in our creperie and were dazzled by everything we had on offer.

Kacee and her friends were delighted with all the magical stories, entertainment and gifts to cherish forever. We received a wonderful message after the party from mum, Jocelyn ‘Thank you so much Catherine. Jacee’s party was amazing and absolutely enjoyable. You are an amazing person and I wish you all the best in your near future in every way (family and business). Take care, Jocelyn’

Our room isn’t completely finished but Jocelyn had heard about us and was very keen to hold her party here even though we are not entirely ready- we are so happy that she was so thrilled!

Our party venue will be taking bookings from the new year and we look forward to many more special memories being created.

Kacee's 4th birthday