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Magical Fairy Doors- Assorted Colours

Among flowers and insects the fairies play, and if you look very hard you may see them today!
These fairy doors are an absolute must and its power’s enhanced by magical fairy dust (included).
Fairies can use these doors to enter any room as they please. Fairies can see what you do, they watch you all day making sure you’re good, and that you’re safe when you play.
And if you do what you’re asked, the fairies take pleasure sometimes leaving you a tiny fairy note, or some fairy treasure!
– Colours include Pink, Purple, Blue, Light Pink Glitter and Rainbow
– These fairy doors cannot be opened
– Easy to install to a wall with Velcro or Blu Tac
– Approx. Measurements: 20cm H x 100cm L x 1.5cm W
– Made of Poly Resin

price: $25.00