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Sharon Smith – 16th of March. 2008

Hi Catherine,
I really wanted to thank you so very much- I have to say that the only way I can describe the day is that it was like my wedding day- unreal and special but such a blur that it went far too quickly!!
Fairy Floss was so perfect and had all the kids absolutely mesmerized- the costume was great (I am a firm believer that you need a certain level of mystery and ‘authenticity’ to attain a suspension of disbelief!) and she was so helpful with all the little ones- with the food and cake etc…
Everything she did had the kids in awe (like handing out the fairy dust and playing with the baby seal puppet)- she was also very aware of age appropriateness.
I think the really touching thing about Fairy Floss was that she really understood the power and responsibility she had- when my husband went downstairs to put the gifts in the car, he ran into Fairy Floss and he thanked her etc and she was genuinely concerned about laying low and hiding as she got into her car so that the children from the party didn’t see her- right till the last moment she kept that magic alive- that is both touching and gorgeous!
We LOVE Fairy Floss and we will definitely call upon your services again!
Thanks again Catherine for everything! Eva felt incredibly special as did all the children at the party!

Sharon Smith – 16th of March. 2008.