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Stella (St Claire)

Dear Catherine (Fairy Princess Diamond),

I would like to thank you for coming to Angelique’s Magical 5th Birthday on Thursday 28th December 2006. You made Angel feel very special and important on her birthday. She felt so important that no one else was getting their eyes face painted like Angel’s as she was the birthday girl. Angelique was also beside herself when she was opening her gifts and received her musical fairy from you. She keeps it in her room right next to her fairy dust and her eyes light up and she cannot contain her self when she talks of her party and Fairy Princess Diamond. You were able to keep all the children captivated and that includes all the boys especially my 7yr old nephew who says he doesn’t like girly things. The parents were also very happy to see that you kept the children entertained and they were able to enjoy the party as well. They also mentioned that they too enjoyed seeing there children enthralled and feeling so special that a fairy came to sit and play and entertain them. I would also like to thank you for being so patient and understanding which is important when it comes to children. I would also like to mention as did many parents on the day that you looked beautiful and had a magnetic affect on the children that just drew them to you which shows how much you love entertaining the children. I love that you love what you do and that shines through when we saw you at Angel’s party. I will be recommending you to many friends. Once again thank you for making Angelique’s 5th Birthday a magical one.

Stella (St Claire 2006)