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Dear Catherine,

I was very disappointed to hear that you are fully booked in April, although it is indeed a testament to the wonderful job that you do.
We were fortunate enough to have Princess Fairy Diamond visit our house for my daughters fifth birthday in August 2005, and were amazed by the fantasy you created. I have yet to go to a party that has the same magic that you exude.
As instructed in your upddate I would like to put my other daughter Chloe on your waiting list in case a place becomes available. The date I would prefer is Sunday April 15th, but if another day becomes free around this time I would be happy to take that.
Chloe has shown interest in Princess Lollipop or any of the other princesses but we are not too fussy.
Congratulations on such a creative business, you deserve all the success that is coming too you. ( I will just have to make sure I book well in advance for when my 3 year old turns 5!!!!)

Kind Regards,