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Valantia (June 26th, 2017)

Hello lovely lady and to the wonderful Guillaume, Princess Unicorn and Mark, well where do I begin…ok, at the start would be good I supposeConstantina’s 6th birthday was every bit enchanting and magical and it was everything Constantina and I could have hoped for and more. The setting was divine and Princess Unicorn not only looked amazing in her absolutely divine gown but she played her part so well and all the children were mesmerised by her. In Constantina’s words ‘Mummy, I really love Princess Unicorn and I loved it when I got to sit on her lap’ followed by ‘What was the lady’s name that organised all the magical things at my party, mummy?’ to which I replied ‘Oh that was the lovely Catherine’ Constantina agreed – ‘She was really lovely mummy and I love her too’. Aaaaw, how divine!They just melt your heart when they say things like that don’t they? Catherine you’re a natural and I loved your segment with Poppo, so so very cute! The gorgeous touches with the magical key and fairy dust the children got to take home, the little message scrolls and to the balloon waiting for them as they exited were touches a little girl would dream of or see on a Walt Disney movie but Finding Fairyland made their dream a reality for one afternoon. All the guests and especially the little ones have been talking about the party all weekend and they were amazed at how gorgeous the whole party was. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most wonderful day and I absolutely loved working with you Catherine to make the day as special as it was. You have a great energy about you, I love your attention to detail (you and I are the same on that front, so I can totally relate), your passion for these magical events is evident in all aspects of the party both for the children, through to the adult catering. I can’t wait to come back and have another party with you all at Finding Fairyland but I will be back in August as a guest at Crystelle-Marie’s b’day, so can’t wait to see you then and actually try your delicious food. I was trying to be a great hostess on Saturday together with enjoying the entertainment with my daughters, that it left very little time to sit and enjoy the delicious food but I did enjoy my coffee, a triangle sandwich and a brownie on the run!I will call you Catherine but I wanted to message you so that I didn’t miss any detail on the phone. Thanks again for a truly magical day for Constantina’s birthday. It was by far her best ever party and as one of our guests put it, it was by far the best party we have ever attended by a long shot! Compliments very well deserved. Love to you all