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Catherine has 18 years experience working very closely with children in early childhood settings. Catherine has studied for her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University over 4 years in 2000 after completing her lifelong school years at MLC Burwood. For over 6 years Catherine managed the 0-5 year olds at the same daycare centre which she attended when she was a toddler, S.O.C.C. The past 13 years have been spent devoted to her creation and children’s entertainment company ‘Finding Fairyland’ which has become a well known name amongst mothers and corporate institutions around Sydney.

Catherine’s life is about creating new and unique ways to entertain children on their most special day. This work is not a side gig for Catherine and she spends 24/7 dedicated to her passion. Catherine has now performed personally in well over 3000 children’s events and has a natural talent that is un-rivalled in the industry, this also includes her unique professional face painting that is adored by those who see it.

Catherine is able to perform as any character and is generally requested for shows well in advance. During her years at Macquarie University, Catherine studied many units in drama, screenwriting and dance. Catherine has studied with The Max Rowley Television and Radio Academy amongst many other prestigious organizations for voice, acting, dance and public speaking.

Catherine is available every day of the year to perform in any children’s event as well as MC for corporate and adult functions.