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Performers Bio


Hayley is an accomplished singer/songwriter and TV Presenter with several years of experience on stage and in front of the camera. Hayley has an unmistakable professional attitude in everything that she does. Hayley takes her children’s events very seriously and puts in 120% energy every time. Hayley is often seen as a princess in our shows as she is able to sing in any range and she looks as pretty as a picture! Hayley is punctual and organized- she is a wonderful part of the Finding Fairyland team. If you are seeking a musical character- this fairy is the one! Hayley can play the guitar and sing.


Overflowing with outstanding talent and years in the entertainment industry, we are extremely excited to have Hugh part of the Finding Fairyland crew! Hugh has complete ease and total control of any type of event no matter how big or small. Hugh is in an elite class of his own and has been involved in 30 years of performance for stage, television and film.


Jono is Finding Fairyland’s resident Spiderman! Jono is not only the best Spiderman performer seen in Sydney, he is also a versatile theatrical performer being able to take on any unmasked character and lighting up the children’s faces in absolute glee!! Children are always thrilled with the balloon animals they receive from Jono at his events. This extreme athlete will astound children and parents with his climbing and acrobatics skills as the popular character Spiderman! Jono’s background is an Aircraft Engineer and he is currently studying his Post Graduate Degree at UNSW. Jono has passionate hobbies and interests including Rock Climbing, learning new languages and has since picked up fluent Spanish, Surf Lifesaving, Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki Level 2. Jono quite casually said when we first met him that he has ‘no problem climbing coconut trees and bounding between walls’…..the company had no problem hiring him after hearing this! Jono is a warm and charismatic person who works hard at maintaining a constant professional quality of work in everything he does. Children and parents have been raving about this young man and it’s no mystery why!


Our pure and perfect princess performer. Children and adults fall in love with Madeleine’s elegant and graceful charm in all her shows. This wonderful young girl has a degree in Music from Macquarie University and has been working closely with children over 5 years. Madeleine is very intuitive and animated with her small fans, making sure that her parties are always a total hit! Madeleine is Fairy Floss in her shows and is easily placed as a Disney Princess, Alice in Wonderland or a Mermaid. You will be thrilled with this gifted and loving performer if she attends your next event.


What a special young lady Alice is! We were so pleased to welcome her to our team as she has so much to offer and so much comes from the heart. Alice is studying for a PhD in Physics at the University of Sydney. She had a very hard choice of pursuing drama and music or science as a higher education pathway. Alice has studied classical ballet from the ages of 4 to 17 so is more than capable to host some gorgeous little ballet parties! Alice attends circus school and finds incredible joy and fulfilment in making and wearing costumes that express her flamboyant personality. Alice is always volunteering for great programmes on offer for children interested in learning about science. When Alice joined Finding Fairyland it seemed very natural as her friends have always considered her a real life pixie.


Katie is the definition of someone who is completely beautiful on the inside and out. Katie is young but extremely level headed and mature. Katie has completed her studies at Barker College and is now working at full pace within our professional team. Katie has become a popular Tinkerbell at parties as she is the perfect look-alike and has bounds of energy! It’s not hard falling in love with this girl. Katie is dedicated to providing the best performances for children and their families and with this genuine enthusiasm and natural talent she isn’t one to be missed.

We have recently welcomed Katie back to Finding Fairyland after she spent 2.5 months in Ghana, Africa working in a school. Here is part of an email Katie sent to Catherine about her time in Ghana: “I have been in Ghana, West Africa for the past two and a half months teaching in a local school called ‘Prince of Peace’ and living with a host family. The kids at the school are amazing and it is by far the best yet hardest thing I have done in my life so far but I love them all very much even with the the 45 minute walk there and back in unbearable heat! The simplest things amuse them for hours, I would always bring my ipod speakers and watch them dance to Beyonce ‘We Run The World’. We taught them a mix of subjects, including living and non-living, the 5 senses, naming animals and spelling words. They were really getting the hang of it and then I had to leave : (  I also bought them a height chart and it was so sweet to see all of the kids get so excited over their measurements! I hope everything has been going great at Finding Fairyland and I can’t wait to come back and get into my parties and shows!”


Stephie is an exquisite fairytale princess come to life and will impress every child and adult that meets her. Catherine is so incredibly thankful to Stephie as she never lets her down and always gives every single part of herself to these events.

Stephie has an expert professional performance background studying at McDonalds College in Ballet and going on to perform as a ballerina and showgirl in stage shows on major cruise liners and throughout the world. Stephie is teaching during the week at the highest level of Bikram Yoga and is goal focused on opening her own centre. Stephie has the most gentle and attentive nature and children sense this instantly upon meeting her.

Working in these children’s events is a priority for Stephie and she makes sure she is completely prepared and looking perfect for every show. There isn’t a character that this lovely girl cannot perform as and if you would like her at your event, please book early as she is often requested in advance. We love Stephie so much and she is a key ingredient to Finding Fairyland!


TOTAL MAGIC is a great way to describe Karina. This beautiful girl is the ‘complete package’ and was a very welcomed addition to our team in early 2012.

Karina has a very impressive CV including 8 years of theatrical performing on stage, in television and film as well as voice over for radio. Karina has an Arts degree and has been a teacher for young children in acting and language. Karina has worked in the children’s entertainment field overseas and brings her extensive experience and love of the industry to Finding Fairyland.

Karina is a stand out in more ways than one- she is a gorgeous girl of South American decent with a magnetic, energetic personality which is completely endearing and genuine. Karina has the voice of an angel and is so grateful to be doing what she loves in life- this is working with children and in drama. It’s lovely to see someone who is so humble and genuine in this industry and Karina is one of these people- a person who gives everything in herself and more.

We are so lucky to have such a shining star in this team and are lifted up by her radiance every day.


Be prepared for super talent when Mitch the Magician hosts your next party! Mitch has been studying Magic for several years and will have jaws dropping with his fun-tastic shows!! Mitch can perform for all ages! This includes young children right up to grandparents. Mitch has appropriate magic routines to suit just about any audience and will keep everyone enthralled. Mitch is also a champion dancer and acrobat- he can flip backwards and do body tricks with total ease. If you love balloon twisting, Mitch is again your man. See our photo gallery for some of the elaborate balloon twisting he has created! Please book our magic shows early as we only have one Mitch the Magician!


Megan is a trained ballerina and teaches young children at a private ballet school part time when not working with Finding Fairyland. Megan is currently studying for her Degree at the University of NSW in Arts (Education/Dance). Megan is a very talented cheerleader also and has travelled the world with Dance Team Australia to compete for IASF Dance Worlds. Megan is our resident face painting artist alongside Catherine and is always making up her own exciting face designs from the top of her head that are absolutely stunning to look at! Megan is a wonderful part of Finding Fairyland as she has always been so committed over the many years, giving and able to be somewhere at a moments notice with total reliability and trust.


Talia has a Degree in Digital Media at The College of Fine Arts, Sydney. Talia has spent her lifetime studying Dance, Singing and Guitar. Talia has been working with Finding Fairyland as Fairy Rose and all other female characters since early 2009 and is our longest running fairy after Catherine. Talia has always shown 120% commitment to her parties and events and has always left her shows with parents commenting on her natural talent and beauty. Talia has always been involved in charity days for The Sydney Children’s Hospital on behalf of the company and will always donate her time when possible. The children all fall in love with this amazing girl with a heart of gold- her gift for children’s entertainment is extraordinary.

Catherine has a great respect and appreciation of Talia – this is a very loyal and dedicated young lady who has always not only been a fantastic team member but a wonderful friend.

Talia is currently in New York City living her dream and seeing the world! We are missing her here in Fairyland and looking forward to having her back once she returns.


Daniel is a man with extreme talent and experience. Daniel has worked in film, theatre, television and commercials in the USA, Chile and Australia as well as teaching drama for many years. Daniel’s impressive study background includes an Acting Degree from ‘The Theatre School’ in Santiago, Chile. Dan has studied performance and acting alongside Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves and other Hollywood notables. Dan has studied with director and actor Patricio Daroch in theatre and improvisation techniques. Dan has gained a Diploma in Theatre in Sydney. Dan was in the cast of television shows such as Married With Children and Sea Patrol along with many independent films both in Australia and overseas. He has played lead roles in theatre and is currently still performing in roles in both theatre and film.

In 2010, Daniel trained to become a surf lifeguard and help those in distress- this is the sort of person he is. He can be seen at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Dan is incredibly versatile and exceptional in his roles as a children’s performer. He has worked with Finding Fairyland since early 2010 and has left every single party with parents giving rave reviews. Both parents and children fall in love with this warm and generous person. Dan has donated much of his time to assist at the Sydney Children’s Hospital on special event days. We are very fortunate to have such a genuine, talented and enthusiastic member in the team.


Catherine has 18 years experience working very closely with children in early childhood settings. Catherine has studied for her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Macquarie University over 4 years in 2000 after completing her lifelong school years at MLC Burwood. For over 6 years Catherine managed the 0-5 year olds at the same daycare centre which she attended when she was a toddler, S.O.C.C. The past 13 years have been spent devoted to her creation and children’s entertainment company ‘Finding Fairyland’ which has become a well known name amongst mothers and corporate institutions around Sydney.

Catherine’s life is about creating new and unique ways to entertain children on their most special day. This work is not a side gig for Catherine and she spends 24/7 dedicated to her passion. Catherine has now performed personally in well over 3000 children’s events and has a natural talent that is un-rivalled in the industry, this also includes her unique professional face painting that is adored by those who see it.

Catherine is able to perform as any character and is generally requested for shows well in advance. During her years at Macquarie University, Catherine studied many units in drama, screenwriting and dance. Catherine has studied with The Max Rowley Television and Radio Academy amongst many other prestigious organizations for voice, acting, dance and public speaking.

Catherine is available every day of the year to perform in any children’s event as well as MC for corporate and adult functions. 


Lovely and radiant Maddy is a student at the University of Sydney and has been working with children over many years, gaining valuable and extensive experience.

Maddy is incredibly talented with dynamite balloon sculpting, great face painting application along with developing circus skills. Maddy is available for all character parties and for special corporate events which may include balloon and face painting artists.