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Daniel is a man with extreme talent and experience. Daniel has worked in film, theatre, television and commercials in the USA, Chile and Australia as well as teaching drama for many years. Daniel’s impressive study background includes an Acting Degree from ‘The Theatre School’ in Santiago, Chile. Dan has studied performance and acting alongside Angelina Jolie, Keanu Reeves and other Hollywood notables. Dan has studied with director and actor Patricio Daroch in theatre and improvisation techniques. Dan has gained a Diploma in Theatre in Sydney. Dan was in the cast of television shows such as Married With Children and Sea Patrol along with many independent films both in Australia and overseas. He has played lead roles in theatre and is currently still performing in roles in both theatre and film.

In 2010, Daniel trained to become a surf lifeguard and help those in distress- this is the sort of person he is. He can be seen at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach.

Dan is incredibly versatile and exceptional in his roles as a children’s performer. He has worked with Finding Fairyland since early 2010 and has left every single party with parents giving rave reviews. Both parents and children fall in love with this warm and generous person. Dan has donated much of his time to assist at the Sydney Children’s Hospital on special event days. We are very fortunate to have such a genuine, talented and enthusiastic member in the team.