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Jono is Finding Fairyland’s resident Spiderman! Jono is not only the best Spiderman performer seen in Sydney, he is also a versatile theatrical performer being able to take on any unmasked character and lighting up the children’s faces in absolute glee!! Children are always thrilled with the balloon animals they receive from Jono at his events. This extreme athlete will astound children and parents with his climbing and acrobatics skills as the popular character Spiderman! Jono’s background is an Aircraft Engineer and he is currently studying his Post Graduate Degree at UNSW. Jono has passionate hobbies and interests including Rock Climbing, learning new languages and has since picked up fluent Spanish, Surf Lifesaving, Ayurvedic Massage and Reiki Level 2. Jono quite casually said when we first met him that he has ‘no problem climbing coconut trees and bounding between walls’…..the company had no problem hiring him after hearing this! Jono is a warm and charismatic person who works hard at maintaining a constant professional quality of work in everything he does. Children and parents have been raving about this young man and it’s no mystery why!