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TOTAL MAGIC is a great way to describe Karina. This beautiful girl is the ‘complete package’ and was a very welcomed addition to our team in early 2012.

Karina has a very impressive CV including 8 years of theatrical performing on stage, in television and film as well as voice over for radio. Karina has an Arts degree and has been a teacher for young children in acting and language. Karina has worked in the children’s entertainment field overseas and brings her extensive experience and love of the industry to Finding Fairyland.

Karina is a stand out in more ways than one- she is a gorgeous girl of South American decent with a magnetic, energetic personality which is completely endearing and genuine. Karina has the voice of an angel and is so grateful to be doing what she loves in life- this is working with children and in drama. It’s lovely to see someone who is so humble and genuine in this industry and Karina is one of these people- a person who gives everything in herself and more.

We are so lucky to have such a shining star in this team and are lifted up by her radiance every day.