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Katie is the definition of someone who is completely beautiful on the inside and out. Katie is young but extremely level headed and mature. Katie has completed her studies at Barker College and is now working at full pace within our professional team. Katie has become a popular Tinkerbell at parties as she is the perfect look-alike and has bounds of energy! It’s not hard falling in love with this girl. Katie is dedicated to providing the best performances for children and their families and with this genuine enthusiasm and natural talent she isn’t one to be missed.

We have recently welcomed Katie back to Finding Fairyland after she spent 2.5 months in Ghana, Africa working in a school. Here is part of an email Katie sent to Catherine about her time in Ghana: “I have been in Ghana, West Africa for the past two and a half months teaching in a local school called ‘Prince of Peace’ and living with a host family. The kids at the school are amazing and it is by far the best yet hardest thing I have done in my life so far but I love them all very much even with the the 45 minute walk there and back in unbearable heat! The simplest things amuse them for hours, I would always bring my ipod speakers and watch them dance to Beyonce ‘We Run The World’. We taught them a mix of subjects, including living and non-living, the 5 senses, naming animals and spelling words. They were really getting the hang of it and then I had to leave : (  I also bought them a height chart and it was so sweet to see all of the kids get so excited over their measurements! I hope everything has been going great at Finding Fairyland and I can’t wait to come back and get into my parties and shows!”