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Stephie is an exquisite fairytale princess come to life and will impress every child and adult that meets her. Catherine is so incredibly thankful to Stephie as she never lets her down and always gives every single part of herself to these events.

Stephie has an expert professional performance background studying at McDonalds College in Ballet and going on to perform as a ballerina and showgirl in stage shows on major cruise liners and throughout the world. Stephie is teaching during the week at the highest level of Bikram Yoga and is goal focused on opening her own centre. Stephie has the most gentle and attentive nature and children sense this instantly upon meeting her.

Working in these children’s events is a priority for Stephie and she makes sure she is completely prepared and looking perfect for every show. There isn’t a character that this lovely girl cannot perform as and if you would like her at your event, please book early as she is often requested in advance. We love Stephie so much and she is a key ingredient to Finding Fairyland!